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We are steam turbine generator specialists. We deal exclusively in steam turbine generators, not gas turbine generators, not diesel generators, just steam turbine generators. 


We are able to determine the best application for your used T-G package. Will it operate efficiently at a different steam condition? What changes will have to be made to make it work elsewhere? Where can the purchaser get the parts necessary to make those changes. We have the expertise to answer these types of questions, making the purchase of your equipment less likely to have adverse downstream consequences. This is of value to the purchaser, making your equipment worth more if brokered through us. It is also more likely to sell, as all of our customers are looking for steam T-G sets, and everybody wants everything yesterday. However, we do not want to be perceived as junk peddlers. If your equipment was purchased when gold was $14/ounce, and you're not sure where all the pieces are, we would not be interested in finding a home for your junk.


Let us broker your equipment on a non exclusive basis. What have you got to loose.


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