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What about warranty? What if I have a problem with one of the package components?

All of the components are completely warranted by their individual manufacturers. These warranties ultimately flow through to you, the ultimate owner of the equipment. The warranty period and conditions are the same whether they are purchased by you or by a packager. The advantage you gain by purchasing through a packager is the clout that packager has with the OEMs because of their ongoing buy / sell relationship. Warranty claims will more than likely be addressed more expeditiously with the packager working for you.


Are there any other advantages associated with purchasing my steam turbine generator package through a packager?

Yes! Some packagers will offer financing or equipment lease opportunities. Most OEMs will not. Most packagers offer training in the use and maintenance of all the package equipment. Some even offer maintenance contracts. OEMs may as well, but their expertise typically is only with their portion of the package. Most packagers and OEMs can provide installation supervision, with the OEMs having the same limitations stated above. However, many packagers have associations with organizations capable of providing all the supervision and labor associated with the expert installation of your steam turbine generator package.