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STG was incorporated in June of 2008, with a commitment to provide highly responsive, technically sound service to the needs of the power generation market. STG is a low overhead integrator of small (<30 mw) steam turbine power generation equipment (downstream of steam generating equipment), and is a natural progression of a 17 year working relationships between Meucci Equipment Sales Company, Inc. (MESCO) and various packaging entities. STG  deals only with steam turbines (not gas or diesel), and only with smaller units (<30 mw). This narrow market focus and wealth of experience  makes STG your best choice for this type of equipment. 



MESCO is a manufacturers Rep organization devoted to providing premium equipment and expert consultation to the turbomachinery market for 17 years. Joe Meucci, founder and COO has over 45 years experience in steam turbine design, marketing and sales (see Joe Meucci bio).


The future of power generation utilizing renewable fuels, increasing existing plant efficiencies, for combined heat / power / absorption air conditioning or water chilling, will be an exciting time, providing us the opportunity to reduce operational costs, and help save our environment at the same time.